Drawing on the Positive: Art Therapy Speaks to Student’s Interests and Customizes Care


“I want to make the robot,” 杰克 says clearly, without a specific tone or measure of insistence.

这个机器人是杰克最喜欢的电子游戏中的一个角色. 这个12岁的男孩带着幻觉来参加艺术治疗. 他已经习惯了 制造的东西 在他的疗程中. And 杰克 always knows the intricate details of what his creations 应该 是——需要的颜色,需要的元素.

杰克 sits at a picnic table under a large white tent, shaded from the summer sun. Social Worker Jenna Eckna and Creative Arts Therapist Alison Uliss join him; between them is an assortment of art supplies, 从一包黏土模型到一系列的马克笔和纸.

根据他对材料的选择, 杰克 is practicing flexibility when his vision and the supplies at hand are not the same. 艾莉森和詹娜强化了杰克的积极行为. The dialogue shifts back and forth between what he will use to create the robot, 以及杰克最初被机器人吸引的原因.



Communicating and expressing emotions does not come easily for most 绿烟囱学校 students. For many children with mental health or developmental disorders such as Anxiety, 注意力缺陷多动症, 抑郁症, 自闭症谱系障碍, 和感觉处理障碍, simply attempting to exist in a traditional school setting can result in behavioral outbursts, 学术撤军, 和社会隔离.

杰克 with Social Worker Jenna Eckna (left) and Creative Arts Therapist Alison Uliss (right)

杰克刚到绿烟囱时, it was difficult for him to remain in the classroom for any extended period of time. If a project wasn’t going as he envisioned or if it was time to transition to a non-preferred activity, 事情将开始螺旋式发展. Tantrums were loud, included some expletives, and could result in him having to leave the room. 多年来他一直在努力 适合 school settings that didn’t serve his unique needs but 杰克 has had a very different experience in the residential treatment program at 绿色的烟囱. 在宿舍和课堂上, 杰克受益于结构, 可靠的例程, 更个性化的护理. 杰克 is also benefiting from smaller group settings in the classroom and in the hours outside of the school day.


皇冠信用盘, staff collaborate to customize student care plans. Social workers partner with specialists to enhance individual and group therapies. 詹娜发现了杰克对艺术的浓厚兴趣, she saw art therapy as an opportunity to engage him and yield some therapeutic feedback. 与艾莉森合作, the two clinicians allow the process of creation to be a means of connecting in a less imposing way than traditional talk therapy in an office. For children with special needs – particularly those with immense imaginations, 伟大的智慧, or poor interpersonal skills – the process of creating can help a child to verbalize their feelings or perceptions.

“协作, 沟通, and consistency between departments and all involved are key components in the effectiveness of each child’s treatment plan,艾莉森解释道。. “我钦佩詹娜. She saw 杰克’s comfort and talent with art making and pursued art therapy for his benefit. Working together, we meet with 杰克 weekly and continue to build on his strengths.”

And two things are clear: 杰克 is growing, and he’s a valued member of our community.皇冠信用盘, 我们努力为监管提供空间, 信任结构, 还有练习和探索的空间. 杰克的优点在这里得到了颂扬. 他很善良,很有创造力. 杰克 is doing well academically, and he has even made the honor roll. His peers enjoy his support of their artistic endeavors as he is typically willing to share his talents and visions with them. Staff appreciate his self-awareness and his desire to strive to do the best within the context of the session, 在日常生活中也是如此.

在过去的两年半里, 杰克 has been able to share more of himself while achieving better self-regulation and improved 沟通. Most days, he’s able to get through an entire school day without crisis. 杰克’s begun to more effectively utilize his coping skills and resources, 从内部绘图和访问外部支持, 也. 在一起, 杰克, 他的家人, and his entire treatment team are working toward new goals for this school year, 我们为他们将取得的成就感到兴奋.

从动物辅助活动到艺术治疗, 绿色的烟囱 students receive individualized clinical support in the therapeutic education setting.